A Rare View: Wabash Avenue, Deserted

Wabash Avenue Deserted on a Warm Weekday Afternoon

It is rare to see Chicago’s Loop area deserted even during the dead of the night. With constantly honking cars and trucks and the overhead din of trains on the elevated tracks, Wabash Avenue hardly ever sleeps.

This photo was taken a few days back when a section of Wabash was blockaded as part of security measures for President Obama who was in one of the Loop hotels for a fundraising event. Irate car drivers honked and screamed at the poor sod guarding the blockade. Traffic in adjacent Michigan and State streets were a mess. But Wabash looked brilliant as it lay beneath the latticework of shadows formed by elevated CTA train tracks above.

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One thought on “A Rare View: Wabash Avenue, Deserted

  1. I dont know if it was this one or Wacker St where you go under the bridge for a long time and you tend to lose the satellite signal. I have twice drive round and round to get out of the drive since I was driving around using the GPS 🙂

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