Posting the Ubiquitous: The Bean

The Bean (Fall '09)

When I first saw The Bean, truth be told, I wasn’t all that excited. Sure, it was fun to see the entire city reflected and see yourself in various sizes and shapes depending on where you stand but…

It has been almost three years since my first time at The Bean. And the more I see it, the more interesting it has become. Anish Kapoor‘s Cloud Gate (that’s The Bean’s official name) has one thing definitely going for it – it never gets old. Each time an out-of-town guest comes by, I take him to Millenium Park. The large drop of mercury is our usual first stop.

Michigan on a Curve

Edward Lifson, Chicago’s art critic extraordinaire called it one of the greatest public art pieces in the world back in 2006. (Click here if you want to hear the full version of his grand soliloquy about The Bean.)

After about 20 or so visits, I think I have figured out why. The Bean brings out the child in even the most cynical of us.

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