P.O.S.H – Oh.My.Gosh!

I am calling this store – A Little Alleyway into Heaven.

P.O.S.H in Chicago’s River North area, next door to the rather posh Pops for Champagne restaurant, is the next best thing to actual flea markets in Europe. Not that I would know, I haven’t been to a flea market in Europe, really. But P.O.S.H feels like it – the slightly faded china, mix-n-match cups and saucers, a small collection of really pretty antique-type jewellery… the list goes on.


The mood of the store is perfectly captured by its centerpiece – a divine flower chandelier hung from the ceiling. You enter the store and the bustling State Street outside sort of vanishes. In its place, with a little imagination, you can place – oh, I don’t know – any one of your favorite French or English streets!

Centerpiece + Flower Chandelier (really bad photo of it, sorry!)

Two things caught my attention – one, a basket of marbles. I haven’t seen a marble in ages and they just brought back childhood memories. (Does anyone remember the green-colored soda bottle that had a marble inside?)

Basket of Marbles - Any Takers?

The other item that I fell in love with was the Paris paper tapes. They looked so absolutely cute that my window shopping almost turned into impulsive buying.

Paper Tape

My pictures aren’t really great but here is a post at Restored Style blog that has some nice pictures.

P.O.S.H is located at the intersection of State and Ohio streets, one block west of Mag Mile in River North. Do pop in if you are around, I assure you, you are in for a treat! Check out the P.O.S.H website here. P.O.S.H has also been featured in the little book of treats for city lovers – “Rather Chicago”.

P.O.S.H: Picture Perfect

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One thought on “P.O.S.H – Oh.My.Gosh!

  1. You’re making me want to move to Chicago. Looks like a great place to spend myself into the poorhouse. LOL~
    Thanks for sharing!

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